Talent Optimization

We make companies better by providing the assessments, integration and training their people need to improve processes and implement new technology effectively

Hire the Best. Manage the Best. Be the Best.

People Integration

Evaluating Needs
Cognitive Assessments
Behavioral Assessments
Culture Assessments

Training, Training, Training
Front Line Skills


Integrating Tech & People
Hard Skills
Soft Skills

Delivering Increased ROI

People Training


Management, Front Line Skills, & Safety Training

Research has shown that business success is highly dependent upon the success and contributions of the people. It’s not just a matter of education, training and experience. The best people are able to achieve greater success by understanding and developing their strongest interpersonal and soft skill advantages.

Science Based

Rooted in Science

While there are many purveyors of behavioral, cognitive, cultural and quantitative tools, many are made up "on the fly" by enterprising entrepreneurs. We select only "best in class" partners who provide valid, proven solutions backed by science.

Backed by Experience

Wisdom is only acquired from experience; we only offer solutions of partners with substantial experience. Our requirements: millions of assessments, hundreds of validity studies, and decades of real world implementation. Nothing less.

Customizable & Scalable

Not all behavioral, cognitive and cultural tools are both customizable and scalable. Ours are. We customize and scale them for implementation as needed, whether by a local business, a regional player or a substantial global enterprise.

Talent Optimization Leadership

Decades of experience in people management with technology, knowledge & service companies

Experience including Interim CEO of technology company and founder of off-shore outsourcing firm

Lean Managment

Less waste and more speed. Practical and simple. Action oriented.

The combination of lean management looks great on paper, but only a fraction of companies can reap all the benefits. We help you focus on the highest value activities, overcome obstacles, organize efficiently, and achieving success - early and often. 

Lean Management

Lean Full Potential

Focus: Areas of Greatest Value


Deployment: Lean Tools Selectively

Accountability: Enforcement at Front Line


Starting from the current position, focus on the areas that will create the greatest value, working toward full potential


Employ lean management tools, addressing only the highest priorities


Ensure results by strict management at the front line

How We Do It

Decades of experience in operations: data gathering, analytics, implementation & optimization


We remain 100% focused on all your Lean Six Sigma projects, help you update your priorities as needed, and continually monitor your progress


Change management programs embeded with Lean Six Sigma and supported by training foster the systematic development of internal talent


Achieve substantial improvements in manufacturing costs, labor costs, processing time, production utilization. We can show you real results


Lean Six Sigma requires top down ownership, from the board and C-suite all the way to the shop floor. Total organizational focus and alignment

Lean Management Leadership

Decades of experience in operations management as well as technology acquisitions, implementation & optimization

Experience including President and COO of global consumer products manufacturer


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