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German Bionic Cray X

Alpha Quantix: US Nationwide Distribution

Powered Rigid Exoskeleton
(Dual-Action Exoskeleton for Back & Legs) 
For Heavy Lifting, Carrying & Climbing

Provides exceptional lifting power, strength and control while alleviating lower back and thigh strain during lifting, carrying and climbing.

* Reduced muscular and cardiac strain
* Improved posture and reduced effort
* Reduced likelihood of job-related injury 
* Senses & supports major muscle movements
* Increases productivity potential

* Ergonomic design and easy to wear
* Rigid support for two major muscle groups
* Active sensor-based mechanism
* Variable assistance profiles & strength
* Ergonomic data collection, alerts & reporting

Seismic Powered Clothing

Alpha Quantix: North American Pre-Sales


Powered Soft Exosuit
(Soft Exoskeleton for Torso & Legs)
For Prolonged & Repetitive Standing, Bending & Kneeling

Provides strength, control and balance by ergonomically supporting the torso - from the knees, through the pelvis and up to the abdomen.

* Reduced muscular and joint stress and fatigue
* Improved posture and work excellence
* Reduced likelihood of job-related injury 
* Senses and supports physiological movements
* Minimizes resistance and misalignment
* Improved precision of prolonged tasks

* Automatically snugs to fit the wearer
* Active, powered full-torso support
* Customizable adjustments and performance 
* Compact and lightweight (approx 2.0 kg)

Herowear Apex Exosuit

Alpha Quantix: US Nationwide Distribution

Back Support Exosuit
Ground to Waist Lift Support

The first back-assist exosuit built from the ground up for both men and women, designed to reduce strain on the back while fitting like a comfortable piece of clothing.

* Up to 75 pounds relief from back strain 
* Reduction of 40% of muscular fatigue 
* Affordable, starting at $1199 per unit 
* Ergonomic lift posture assisistance
* Improved endurance and task precision
* Increase safety and mitigate risk of injury

* Textile-based modular design with gender-flexible fit
* Easy on/off back switching mechanism
* Fast donning, doffing and adjustment for fit & function
* Comprised of 4 components with more than 50 fit combinations
* Comfortable and lightweight (3.4 lbs)

How Much More Can Exoskeletons Offer?


Production and service levels increase when a mobile robot is working together with you and your people

Efficient & Flexible

Mobile robots are ideally suited to the changing environments in high mix production and services


Human labor comes with an inherent margin of error, while robotics are less prone to mistakes

High Value

Mobile robots take care of routine & repetitive things so that you and your people can focus on the complexities

Choosing the Right Exoskeletons and Wearable Robotics

They aren't just gizmos. They're tremendous value adds - if employed correctly. Advances in technology - primarily miniaturization and artificial intelligence - have opened up new capabilities for wearable robotics and exoskeletons. They can now effectively assist with a variety of functions in many business activities.

Choosing technology is always an intimidating process. It has to deliver solid results to deliver a good return on investment. That's is why we're here. We been through this before. We understand your concerns and will look at your productivity and safety projects through the lenses of preformance, reliability, efficiency, and future-proofing to ensure long term success.

We make wearable robotics work.


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