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Newest Exoskeletons Available From Alpha Quantix

Comau MATE Exoskeleton

A New Exoskeleton Available from Alpha Quantix

Lift Support: Waist, Shoulder & Overhead

Provides strength, control and balance while the exoskeleton transfers much of the burden away from the arms to the pelvis.

* Reduced muscular and cardiac fatigue
* Improved posture and work excellence
* Reduced likelihood of job-related injury 
* Follows physiological movements
* Minimizes resistance and misalignment
* Improved precision of repetitive tasks

* Ergonomic design and easy to wear
* Joint axes parallel to user shoulder axes
* Passive spring-based mechanism
* 2 sizes and 7 assistance levels
* Compact and lightweight (4.0 kg)

How Much More Can Exolskeletons Offer?


Production and service levels increase when a mobile robot is working together with you and your people

Efficient & Flexible

Mobile robots are ideally suited to the changing environments in high mix production and services


Human labor comes with an inherent margin of error, while robotics are less prone to mistakes

High Value

Mobile robots take care of routine & repetitive things so that you and your people can focus on the complexities

Autonomous mobile robotics aren't just expensive toys. They are tremendous value adds. Advances in technology - primarily autonomous mobility, articifial intelligence and the internet of things - have changed the nature of automation, opening up new capabilities. Automation can now be employed effectively to a variety of functions in almost every type of business.

Choosing technology is always an intimidating process. It has to deliver solid results to give a good return on investment. That's is why we're here. We been through this before. We understand your concerns and will look at your automation project through the lenses of efficiency, productivity, future-proofing, reliability and saftey to ensure the long term success of your project.

We make robots work.


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