Ergonomic Assists:
Engineered for Safety

A variety of performance & safety solutions for every challenge...

Ergonomic Smart Wearables

Smart Safety Vest

Alpha Quantix: North American Distribution


Powered Rigid Exoskeleton
(Dual-Action Exoskeleton for Back & Legs) 
For Heavy Lifting, Carrying & Climbing

Gain valuable data custom to your ecosystem with access to analytics and reporting platforms.

* Muscular and cardiac strain
* Posture and effort
* Major muscle movements
* Likelihood of job-related injury
* Increases productivity potential

* Using tools already in your platform
* No change to daily tasks
* Constant, real-time data collection
* Wireless & cloud-based independent network
* Real-time data collection, alerts & reporting

How Much More Can Ergonomic Assists Offer?


Production and service levels increase when ergonomic assists, including mobile robotics, are working together with you and your people

Efficient & Flexible

Ergonomic assists like zero-gravity balancing arms, are ideally suited to the changing environments in high mix production and services


Human labor comes with an inherent margin of error, while worker guided automation like cobots are less prone to mistakes

High Value

Mobile robots can handle routine & repetitive transport of tools, parts & materials so your people can focus on what's important


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