Exoskeletons & Ergonomic Assists for Productive & Safe People

A data-driven approach to technology aquisition & integration, lean management & talent optimization 

Lean Management,
Analytics & Implementation

Success in the face of integrating innovative and new technologies

to Mobile Robots

Everything from wearable robotics to autonomous mobile robots

Talent Optimization,
Integration & Training

Your technology must be matched to the capabilities of your people

Our Clients

Our current and past clients include every type of business, from large, multinational manufacturers to small and mid-sized local businesses.

Our Team

Decades of experience in operations, data gathering & analytics, technology acquisitions, and implementation & optimization

Engineering & Systems

Engineers experienced in emerging technologies including robotics, autonomous mobility, IoT, vision systems & more

Operations Management

Professionals and senior management from leading manufacturing, distribution, construction, healthcare & hospitality companies 

Employee Analytics

Proprietary and partnered software and SaaS solutions that improve productivity, performance & integration 

Some Testimonials

“Wow! Incredible insight for business owners, executives and investors. You'll understand the value when you see it in action.”

“I have personally used many different assessment tools in my 40+ years of management. I have never had an assessment tool as easy to use and as accurate as the assessments offered by Robert Curtis of Alpha Quantix.”

“Great analytics and metrics. Franchisors and their franchisees need fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions like this.”


Alpha Quantix
P.O. Box 671
Santa Ana, CA 92702


Email: info@alphaquantix.com
Phone: 877-QUANTIX
Fax: 877-877-6849

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